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BLUENET ​THE ONLY STREAMLINED END-TO-END GRAPHICS CREATION AND PLAYOUT WORKFLOW. ACCELERATE YOUR GRAPHICS WORKFLOW. ChyronHego believes that 1 + 1 equals more than 2 when a holistic approach is taken to the design of high interoperability workflows between graphic software, hardware platforms and ...
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CAMIO ​YOUR ON-AIR GRAPHICS CONTROL CENTER. SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE, COST-EFFECTIVE GRAPHIC WORKFLOWS. ChyronHego's next generation CAMIO4 application and all-new CAMIO MX server powers your graphics asset workflow and greatly exapnds your production team's reach. Seamless integration with Lyric PRO, ChyronHego's industry-leading graphics creation tool, PowerClips ...
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UNSURPASSED GRAPHICS CREATION. ​ChyronHego understands that you are all about graphics workflow and having the shortest cycle time to air. The latest version of Lyric PRO adds many new features and reaffirms ChyronHego’s commitment to a “scriptless” creative environment. Lyric PRO is engineered with high-performance features ...
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